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Gun and Ammo Inventory Software that works exactly like the current Web Edition

We are happy to announce that GUNTRACK will launch the first edition of its gun and ammo inventory software.  For more information about the new gun and ammo inventory software, please visit

Our focus is on protecting our user’s firearm inventory records and privacy. We strive to provide you with the most powerfuleasiest-to-use, and most secure software solutions to protect your valuable firearm assets. GUNTRACK protects your inventory records if something happens and proves that you are a more responsible and organized owner. Your inventory records are stored on your device’s hard drive using AES-256 Encryption. You are the only person with the password who can decrypt and view your inventory records using GUNTRACK software.

What is the Major Difference between our Gun and Ammo Inventory Software?

GUNTRACK Software Edition offers a new way to save your gun and ammo inventory.  Many users are worried about having gun and ammo information stored in the Cloud. Our new gun and ammo inventory software stores all your inventory information locally on your computer. Not only does it store it locally, but it also uses AES-256 Encryption, which makes it the most secure option.  Upon launch of our gun and ammo inventory software, you’ll generate a unique encryption and decryption password that you only know. Viewing your gun and ammo inventory is impossible unless you have this unique password. If your computer were stolen, your gun and ammo inventory would still be secured by AES-256 Encryption.

About the Founder

Len Morales Jr. has over 25 years of experience in information technology. He has built many websites and applications for some of the largest companies in the US. Len has a successful track record for building secure applications that secure sensitive, personal, and business information. Culminating from years of work in front-end interface development, he has been granted a patent for a “system and method for publishing online posts.

How it Works

Once you install GUNTRACK on your computer, you create the only password that will encrypt and decrypt ALL your inventory data on your computer.   Finally, an easy way to view, manage and secure your firearm records (on your hard drive.) Get organized today using our easy-to-use (GIMS) “GUNTRACK Inventory Management Software.”

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