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Updates will be pushed live and available for all accounts by 6/18/2024 at 12:00 AM MST. You will not have to do anything to get the new updates; just log in like usual.

All Firearms Tab This new tab will now show all your firearms in one view, including your handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

Shooting Tab – This new tab will now show all your shooting records that you have entered on one page.

Inventory Totals Enhancement – You can search by caliber on your inventory totals page. You can also see the total spent per caliber, which will keep a running total per caliber.

Main Menu Search Feature – This long awaited open search feature will allow you to search your entire inventory quickly by any word or keyword.

Type of Accessory – Pull-down menu allowing you to select from and sort from a vast assortment of accessories. This will enable you to sort per type.

Attach Accessories to Multiple Firearms – Pull-down menu allowing you to attach the same accessory to multiple firearm records by quickly selecting and checking the firearm box (s).

Table Inventory View (game changer) – This new feature allows users to customize a hybrid table view of their inventory. You will see three new icons in the bottom right corner of the app window. This is where you can access the latest views. The table view can be customized with available columns, column size, and column order for your inventory information. It’s perfect for users with large inventories. Click the right mouse button on the top row to access these features below. You can also right-click each record to access the “fast add” menu.

Firearm Inventory Management

  • Add or Remove Columns (right mouse click)
  • Sort Columns Accending/ Descending
  • Sort Column Order
  • Resize Columns
  • Turn Columns On/ Off (right mouse click)
  • Fast Add : Maintenance, Shooting, or Malfunction (right mouse click on record row)

Miniature Thumbnail Inventory View – This new feature allows a user to view more firearm records on a page while having a miniature thumbnail to identify the record quickly. There is also a new record count to see the number of items in your inventory quickly.

Other Updates and Features Added:

Total Spent (Ammo Records) – Added the ability to keep track of the total money spent on each caliber.

Manufacturer (Firearm Records) – The pull-down menu is now available while adding all firearm records, including a predefined list of all significant firearm manufacturers, to speed up the process while adding inventory.

Add Custom Manufacturer – (Firearm Records) – You can specify a manufacturer not in the list.

Current Price (Firearm Records) – Added the tracking feature where you can specify the current price of any firearm record to track the purchased price vs the current price.

Condition (Firearm Records) – This new feature is a pull-down predefined list, which allows you to track the current condition of each item from “New” to “Poor.”

Barrel Length (Firearm Records) – This new tracking feature will allow the user to track the barrel length of any firearm record.

Feature Updates/ Bug Fixes

Notes – We corrected the “black font color issue”; all caps issues have also been fixed. Whatever you add in the notes section will now appear correctly on the details page.

Export Feature – The export feature will now include the accessories in your inventory.

Account Space Increases

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