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Thank you for your being one of our GUNTRACK mobile app users. We recently launched the new GUNTRACK DESKTOP Version that is accessible on a desktop, laptop, or even through a mobile web browser. It’s a much more powerful and more polished version of our mobile app. Furthermore, you will get a 365-day FREE trial without any restrictions or a credit card needed. You get to try all the features of the GUNTRACK Desktop. Simply sign in using the same email and password you established on the mobile app to see your existing data.

You can start your free trial on any desktop MAC or PC, laptop, most tablets, and even using your mobile web browser (just hit the “sign-in” button in the upper right-hand corner of the GUNTRACK homepage or click on the provided button below.)

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Here are a couple of new additions/ enhancements to test on the new GUNTRACK desktop application.

  • Firearm, shooting, ammo, image enhancement Ability to upload larger (HD) images, and more images per record.
  • Image viewing enhancement Better management of images, cover images, and image gallery view.
  • Sorting features Sort your list by purchase date, last shot, last maintenance, caliber, name, and record status (on/off.)
  • Record status ON/OFFThis feature allows you to turn off the records that you want. When you do this, they will not show up on your list but remain in your account. Many users requested a way to mark a firearm sold; this feature would work great for this task. Or you can also use it for items you’d like to own but have not purchased yet.
  • Add custom calibers You can now add as many custom calibers as you’d like.
  • Notes section Add additional notes now on every record.
  • Invoices and documents Now, you can add documents up to 5MB in size, and more documents per record.
  • Create custom records If you’d like to track your suppressors, AR uppers, lowers, knife collection, muzzleloaders, bayonets, antiques, black powder rifles, etc.. you can now create a custom record for anything you’d like to track.
  • Ammo locator field added bin/ container location – MY PERSONAL FAVORITE. No more guessing what’s in each ammo container.
  • Ammo notesadded additional notes section. Shooting images – Now add more images.
  • Export data feature You can now backup your information by downloading a copy of all your information to be able to print or save it on your local device.

I Need Your Support!

If you like the GUNTRACK Desktop version, please don’t wait 365 days to subscribe. Your paid subscription NOW helps us make GUNTRACK even better. We continue to design and develop more enhancements but we have a long way to go and a lot more to invest in design and development. We want to make GUNTRACK the best and most secure firearms application in our industry. We have big plans to give our users, even more, control and security over their data and that means much more work to do. Your yearly or monthly subscription to GUNTRACK Desktop allows me to push forward with the extensive costs of developing and maintaining a secure and robust application like GUNTRACK. I really appreciate your help and support. I also look forward to your input. Please feel free to email me back by replying to this email or using one of the application’s support links. Either way, I will get back to you.

Have a great day, and thank you!
Len Morales Jr. | Founder

Len Morales Jr | Founder

Author Len Morales Jr | Founder

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