On occasion when new updates occur on your device, these updates could cause issues with the GUNTRACK app. In the event you can’t save images, simple reset your device and relaunch the app. This will clear up the issue.

We are no longer using the Facebook plugin to sign up. Please use an email address and password. This will be updated in a future release. For more information, please see:

We have currently started the design and development of the GUNTRACK Desktop application. It will include several features and enhancements that our users have asked for. Please contact [email protected] to get on out beta test list.

We will be including an export feature in the desktop application of GUNTRACK (under development) which will allow you to download and backup a copy of your account information onto your desktop computer. Due to limitations on a mobile device along with the size of some of our user accounts, it’s not a feature well suited for the mobile device.


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$9.99 unlocks all features. (one time charge)

Why we charge a small fee.