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There are many different options when you look for Gun Inventory Software. One of the main reasons I built GUNTRACK was that I couldn’t find the right gun inventory solution that met all of my requirements. There are so many different reasons firearm owners would want to manage their gun inventories better. I thought I would share my thoughts about what led me to build and continue to enhance GUNTRACK and our Gun Inventory Software solution.

Insurance Reasons to use Gun Inventory Software

When I initially started collecting, I didn’t realize that some insurance companies would require you to provide so much information about your gun inventory to get coverage. I wanted an easy-to-use gun inventory software that wouldn’t take much time. Before GUNTRACK, I used a spreadsheet, which was far from efficient or accurate. It was a half-baked attempt to keep track of everything. It often didn’t get updated and was not a complete account of my gun inventory. It was not in a very easy-to-use format either. Not to mention uploading pictures wasn’t a viable option. A friend of mine used a binder system, where he took photos of each piece in his firearm inventory and put them in a binder. It seemed like a good idea until he lost one of his binders with several hundred records of his firearms collection, tax stamps, and other vital documents.

Security and Ownership of Private Firearm Information

As technology advancements increase and we depend more on information, I wanted a gun inventory software solution to provide my users and myself with secure and private ownership of my sensitive data. I knew from day one that security and privacy would be part of our mission statement of GUNTRACK and any gun inventory software that I would build. I believe this is a fundamental right for our users, and moving forward, we will continue to keep that at the forefront of everything we produce or build.

Getting More Organized with my Gun Inventory

We see pictures daily on social media of firearm owners’ beautifully organized gun safes or armory rooms with nicely displayed racks on the wall with every mag and pistol in perfect order. I don’t know what planet these firearm guys are from, but I have never seen anyone I know keep such an exemplary firearms display; usually, what I have witnessed is quite the opposite. Ammo is stashed in random bins, on top of the safe, in the car, in the closet, garage, really everywhere. Then you have gun safes that are crammed full, nothing like what I see on social media. We haven’t even talked about accessories. I know you can probably find a random holster in about every room of my house for me, but at least I can tell you exactly what holster I do have for each item because GUNTRACK allows you to attach accessories to their firearm. Next time when you’re out at the gun show, you will know which pistol needs the attention. Having a good gun inventory software solution, I feel better organized, and it’s also nice to know what I have and what I need. If I go to the range, I know what bin to find the caliber and ammo I want to shoot, what I have on hand, and what I may want to pick up or buy before heading out. It also makes it easier to replenish when you know exactly how many rounds you have of each caliber.

The Cool Factor of Using Gun Inventory Software

Let’s face it; we firearm peeps like looking at our collection. I often tease my buddies that the next best thing than being at the range or in the desert shooting is at least looking at my collection. Using the web edition of GUNTRACK, it responds to the size of your monitor; the larger it is, the better you can manage and display your inventory. You can upload higher-resolution photos to see the details of each piece. Furthermore, it has a built-in gallery viewer for each record. If I can’t be out shooting or handling, it’s nice taking a peek now and then. It’s also good to see when the last time I cleaned a rifle or pistol or zeroed or changed the batteries in an optic. Routine maintenance is much easier when you have a good gun inventory software solution to keep track of these things.

It Can Prove You Are a More Responsible Firearms Owner

One final point I would like to explore stems from a conversation with a 2A supporter and a 30-year law enforcement veteran. He believes having such detailed shooting and training records as you can in GUNTRACK or our gun inventory software could prove that you are a more responsible and competent owner, providing consistent training records and accountability. People doing illegal or shady things wouldn’t be diligently keeping track of their firearms inventory and maintenance, etc. I believe he’s right!


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